ASCS Cleaning and Other Service Processes

Our cleaning process commonly known as “steam carpet cleaning” uses hot water extraction system.

  1. Test carpet fiber and carpet backing materials for dye stability and “wool safe” product requirements.
  2. High filtration vacuuming to remove all loose dirt and grit from carpets
  3. Pre spot difficult carpet stains
  4. Heavy duty pre carpet clean spray to enable us to remove soil with the extraction machine
  5. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine, hot high pressure water is applied and immediately vacuumed with twin suction to remove contaminates
  6. The system leaves the carpets practically dry after one to two hours; however we recommend that all doors and windows are left open to allow air to circulate freely to facilitate thorough drying

All Seasons Cleaning Solutions is based in the south west, providing a professional and personal service to each and every one of our clients.To ensure that we are consistently exceeding client expectations we also offer a variety of additional services.


Clean on Your Departure or During Your Stay or keeping your property fresh even while you’re away. We take care of all or some of the cleaning on your departure, ensuring a less stressful end to your visit. It also means less to do on your next arrival. Otherwise we can provide a cleaning service during your stay.


We can at any stage do one-off clean. It may be following building or renovation work or just a bit of extra help for a post-party clean.


Where a property is left vacant for a period of time, we will if instructed visit the property prior to an arrival to check that everything is in order.

ASCS can provide thorough internal checks of your property. We tailor-make the service for each site to include other services such as reading meters, checking for water damage, Cleaning, and reporting on anything that may need reporting to you.


ASCS Key Management for £10 per month Inc vat we offer key holding and back up services 365 days a year. If you are already registered with us through our key holding service we can provide most of the services you will require at short notice...

We offer a fortnightly security visit (or weekly if desired) usually during the winter months and of course, grounds and outbuildings advertises that your house is being watched and not neglected. If there are any problems we let you know and also anyone else who needs to know (police etc).

If there has been a storm or adverse weather, we visit to make sure all is well for you. Our home security services offers you peace of mind, knowing someone is looking after your property while you are not there.

  • Doors and windows
  • We check the house for leaking pipes/roofs
  • We pick up and forward post to you
  • We can also collect parcels and deliveries.

ASCS key holding service offers a peace of mind by safeguarding a set of keys to your property, we are on-call for any emergency services that you require 24 hours a day, whether that’s responding to an alarm activation, letting in the builders.

We can provide alarm response, lost key services and access to approved contractors, all completely safely and with no disruption to your life